10L Garden Pressure Spray Bottle – Portable Hand Pump Sprayer – Weed Chemical NEW DX/1402212 630070

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10L Garden Pressure Spray Bottle – Portable Hand Pump Sprayer – Weed Chemical NEW DX/1402212

Powered gardening tools sure are impressive, but at the end of the day, the end result is what matters. Why should you wheel around pounds of underused chunks of metal and plastic when you can get the job done with a good garden pump spray bottle? This water spray bottle has a 1.5-litre capacity that can easily hold enough water or gardening solution for most gardening tasks. Featuring an adjustable, durable brass nozzle and a trigger lock, easily and comfortably work on your garden without too much wrist strain!

AWESOME FOR INDOOR AND GARDENING WORK: This convenient garden hand sprayer gives you 1.5 litres of capacity which should be more than enough for light spraying tasks. It also features an adjustable spray nozzle that can easily switch between spray patterns for more flexibility. Spraying plant food and watering your small garden patches shouldn’t mean hauling large and clunky spraying equipment!

EASY TO USE GARDEN SPRAY BOTTLE: Simply unscrew the lid, fill the hand sprayer with water or chemical solution, screw the lid back on, give the handle a few pumps and spray away with your portable sprayer. Absolutely no electrical plugs and wirings required! With the trigger locking mechanism, you can just pump the handle until it’s ready and then lock the trigger so you can just effortlessly spray away.

COMFORTABLE HANDLE GRIP: Carry on with your backyard work without messy spills and tedious refills. Our garden pump sprayer features an ergonomic handle for a secure grip and non-slip handling.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our heavy-duty garden weed sprayer features a rugged PP and PE construction that is perfect for spraying most general gardening chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, water and more!

CONVENIENT PORTABLE SIZE: This garden weed killer sprayer is compact enough to fit in a shelf or just sit in the shed along with your other gardening tools. It is also the perfect size to help you spray cleaning agents on hard-to-reach areas in your vehicle and tight corners in your property!

Heavy Duty Portable Pressure Sprayer Eliminate the guesswork on which solution you can and what you can’t spray with your old pressure sprayers — our incredibly portable pressure pump sprayer features a super durable PP + PE construction for improved chemical resistance. Work with fertilisers, weed killers and other common gardening chemicals without any issues. It also features an adjustable nozzle that can be easily switched in between spray patterns for every application.

If you don’t need the extra capacity and the power of electric sprayers, then you probably need something that is of a more manageable size. This portable water sprayer is built with ease of use and mobility in mind — allowing you to effortlessly get under and in between plant leaves without putting too much strain on your arms and back.

Giving your indoor plants or garden crops a quick watering shouldn’t be too complicated. Using our pressure pump sprayer is as easy as opening the lid, filling the bottle with your solution, screwing the lid back on, pump on the handle a few times and you’re good to go! Eliminate the tougher parts of your gardening work with this weed killer pressure sprayer!

General Instructions: Unscrew the top lid. Pour in water or your preferred gardening solution. IMPORTANT: Please do not overfill the bottle with water/solvent. Leave reasonable space in the bottle for the spray to be properly pressurised. Screw the lid back in and start pumping the rod until you have added enough pressure on the container. Press on the trigger and spray away. You can adjust the spray pattern from mist to a stream just by rotating the nozzle.

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