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Quality two ear O-Clips available in all sizes. O-Clip crimping pliers are required (Not supplied) to esablish a lock tight seal on gas hose, water hose, welding hose, compressor hoses and connection. Very versitile and excellent value for money. They can be purchased to requirement. PLease feel free to contact us should you wish any further technical assistance. We will be happy to help.

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11-13mm, 13-15mm, 140 Assorted Box O-Clips, 15-18mm, 17-20mm, 3-5MM, 5-7MM, 7-9mm, 9-11MM

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1 x 11-13mm O-Clips, 1 x 13-15mm O-Clips, 1 x 15-18mm O-Clip, 1 X 17-20mm O-Clip, 1 x 23-27mm O-Clips, 1 x 3-5mm O-Clips, 1 x 5-7mm O-Clips, 1 x 7-9mm O-Clips, 1 x 9-11mm O-Clips, 100 x 11-13mm O-Clips, 100 x 13-15mm O-Clips, 100 x 15-18mm O-Clips, 100 x 17-20mm O-Clips, 100 x 20-23mm O-Clips, 100 x 23-27mm O-Clips, 100 x 3-5mm O-Clips, 100 x 5-7mm O-Clips, 100 x 7-9mm O-Clips, 100 x 9-11mm O-Clips, 140 PIECE ASSORTED O-CLIPS


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