Electric Turbine Paint Sprayer 230V HVLP Spray Gun 700ML 321240 DX/7001101 NEW


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240V Electric Turbine Paint Sprayer HVLP Spray Gun 700ML Pot Emulsion & Gloss

A powerful 240v, 500w electric turbine paint sprayers kit, complete with turbine unit, hose and spray gun. This Turbine kit comes with a large 700ml capacity plastic paint pot, so reduces the number of times the operator has to refill the pot. Turbine paint sprayers do away with the need of an air compressor so all you need to create a brush line free, uniform and even painted finish is this self-contained electric turbine kit. Great for painting in confined areas or those without air compressors, can be used indoors and outdoors. HVLP turbine paint sprayers are a very efficient means of spraying.

The powerful turbine motor provides a High Volume of air at Low Pressure that atomises the paint so the paint clings to the surface rather than bouncing back creating overspray and wastage of paint, also means less masking up. Better for you and the environment. This electric HVLP Turbine paint sprayer is ideal for industrial work, fence and shed painting, marine and automotive application.

Wise Precaution

This product is free from contaminants. However, we do recommend that you flush your gun through with a suitable thinner before use as a preventative precaution.

Do not spray material with a flashpoint of less than 55oC.
Tool not for use in work areas covered by Ex-protection regulations.


Fluid Tip 1.8mm
Cup Size 700ml Power 230-240V, 500W, 50Hz
Max Viscosity 50din/sec
Fluid Delivery 320ml/min
Cable Length 2m
Weight 2.5kg
Sound Pressure Level 83dB(A) Uncertainty 3dB(A)
Sound Power Level 96dB(A) Uncertainty 3dB(A)
Vibration Level 0.01m/s2 Uncertainty 1.5m/s2
Insulation Class 2

Great Value for Money
Supplied Brand New
Suitable For Many Applications
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